Bio for Miriam Schwabe
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My athletic journey began at a young age, but in a very different sport: gymnastics! After being involved for many years as a competitive gymnast, and then cheerleader for the University of Guelph, I eventually transitioned into competitive power lifter. After spending my whole undergrad lifting humans, lifting weights just made the most sense. At least the weights are a lot more predictable than a living, breathing human being overtop of your head with a mind of their own... speaking from experience, trust me.

I began competing in powerlifting in 2014 because the athlete in me needed something to train for. It gave me a sense of direction in the gym after so many years of being a competitor. By nature, I need something to work towards. Lucky for me, my good friend introduced me to the sport of powerlifting and I was instantly hooked. My goals have always been about being better and stronger than I was yesterday. In my opinion nothing beats the feeling of hitting a new PR. Thatís always the ultimate goal for me.

When Iím not lifting weights, I can be found coaching gymnastics, coaching cheerleading at the University of Guelph, teaching Spanish at a male youth detention centre, or doing security at a bar... after all, mama bear always said that keeping busy keeps you out of trouble!

My idea of success is knowing that Iíve done my absolute best. Giving it my all and being the hardest worker in the room. Thatís what my coach Leon Brown has taught me :)