Bio for Paul Svendsen
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I started working out in my early 20's during a five year stint in the military. I really enjoyed the lifting so much that I competed in olympic lifting for a short period of time. I continued to work out and lift weights over the years however my steady attendance at the gym was often thwarted by frequent travelling do to my career in avation.

In my early 50's, with a more Monday to Friday job, I got back into weight lifting on a steady basis. A change of gyms and meeting up with Leon Brown in December 2016 got me interested in powerlifting. I found the lifting a great stress reliever, appreciating the health benefits, better physical shape and enjoyng the camaraderie of my wok out buddies; powerlifting now became my passion.

In June of 2017 at the age of 55, I entered my first powerlifting competition and achieve a personal best in the deadlift. I have now caught the powerlifting bug and my goal is to someday make it to the Canadian Powerlifting Union national championships. Also with this new found passion I am looking to inspire other people to remember that they are never too old to start something new.